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Our harvest Is your harvest

  • Kingdom Concepts - Kingdom Concepts is designed for Equipping your family, Building strong leaders, and Igniting your passion. Join Dr. Joshua & Iliana Bulger weekly as they share practical wisdom from the Word of God to help you be victorious in every area of life. Every Monday on Youtube and Apple Podcast​

  • MorningStar Missions Broadcasting - Reaching Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador by sharing the Gospel and helping families live by the Word through radio podcast.

  • JBM Conferences and Events - Leadership, Redline Men's Ministry, Accelerate Women's Ministry, Marriage conference: JBM has multiple events through the year to help people like you grow in faith and become the best possible disciple of God.

  • Uganda, Africa - School is not free in Africa so we contribute to the fees needed to keep kids in school and give them the education they need.

  • Missions Trips You may not be called or be able to go overseas to these nations, let us be your footprint and bring God's presence and blessings around the World.

  • Monthly donations to many great Ministries including: Jerry Savelle Ministries International, Terri Savelle Foy Ministries, Mark Barclay Ministries, Pastor Solomon Aroboto of Ireland, Jesse Duplantis Ministries, Kenneth Copland Ministries.


Give a monthly amount

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What Does Your Giving Accomplish?


Through your giving to JBM, we are able to share the Gospel to the world. 

Through guest speaking, missions, events, media (online events, Kingdom Concepts episodes, etc.), and so much more, the Word is being shared all over! 

Your seed is immediately given an assignment!

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